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To apply for Aboriginal Business Financing you must first complete the Application Form and submit it to TACC. We then undertake a credit and equity check that determines your eligibility to secure financing. A Business Services Officer will then contact you to discuss your application, make recommendations and/or request more information.

Here is our Business Plan Template to help you through developing your business plan to submit to us.

If satisfied, the Business Services Officer will then recommend the business concept and idea to the TACC board for approval of financing.

Once the loan is approved, your Business Services officer will contact you to arrange signing of loan agreements, documents and cheque pick-up or drop-off.

If you have any further questions or would like more information please call the TACC Office at 1.800.779.7199 or 604.926.5626


Answer all questions completely and use attachments if space is insufficient. Supporting documentation must be submitted with the loan application. Include your business plan and any additional information that supports your proposal such as market research, marketing plan, financial statements and relevant industry information.

Before completing the assessment of your loan application, a Business Services Officer will review the information and contact you to discuss your proposal in more detail.

Below is a link for a complete application package.  The package includes:

  • TACC Application Form
  • First Citizen’s Fund sample amortization
  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Equity Program Description
  • Business Equity Program Facts & Questions
  • New Relationship Trust Equity Matching Initiative

Complete Application Package


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